(NEWSER) – Using only six fish and six tanks, a 6th-grade science fair entrant was able to demonstrate last year what is being hailed as a remarkable discovery: Lionfish, an invasive species found up and down the Florida coast, can also survive in nearly fresh water. There's just one catch: That student may have stolen her idea from a former graduate student her scientist father may have once worked with, reports UPI. Zack Jud, a marine biologist who published very similar results in 2011, says the recent news surprised him because his years of work leading to similar findings are being ignored. He calls now-13-year-old Lauren Arrington the daughter of his "former supervisor's best friend." Arrington's dad, Albrey Arrington, has a PhD in fish ecology and is reportedly listed on Jud's 2011 research paper as a contributing author.

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