A Thief Steals the World's Largest Bunny ...from a Former "Playboy" Bunny

I think we've just found the "Playboy" bunny who took that title the most literally.

There's a 68-year-old woman named Annette Edwards in Worcestershire, England. She's a former model who was once a "Playboy" bunny in the U.K.

And I guess the whole "bunny" thing really resonated with her. Because now she owns and breeds GIANT BUNNIES.

She has one named Darius who's four feet, four inches long . . . which gave him the Guinness World Record for World's Longest Rabbit.

But . . . sometime over this past weekend, someone STOLE Darius out of his enclosure on Annette's farm.

The cops say they're trying to track down the bunny . . . and Annette is offering a $1,400 reward. 

(New York PostImage © 2020 Getty Images

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