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Alan Dershowitz Critiques Trump’s Legal Challenges

Renowned attorney and host of The Dershow, Alan Dershowitz, joined Joe Pags for an insightful interview discussing the recent NYC trial verdict of former President Donald Trump and broader constitutional implications in 2024.

Dershowitz wasted no time calling out Judge Merchan and criticizing what he termed as the "ridiculous" trial of Trump. He emphasized the importance of upholding constitutional rights in the current legal landscape.

During the interview, they explored the significance of the 14th Amendment, with Dershowitz providing his expert opinion on its application. He also weighed in on the future of Roe v. Wade and its dismantlement.

Regarding Trump's recent legal challenges, Dershowitz expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of an appeal in the NYC appellate court, though he advocated for pursuing it. Pags questioned Dershowitz about potential concerns Trump's lawyers might have regarding the appellate court process. Dershowitz suggested that Trump might receive a sentence, possibly suppressed, but doubted he would go to jail before the upcoming election.

Dershowitz condemned Trump's gag order as unconstitutional and emphasized that legal outcomes should not influence voting decisions. He staunchly defended Trump, labeling him a falsely convicted felon in the eyes of the law.

For those interested in a detailed exploration of these legal issues, the full interview is available for listening below.

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