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Sean Spicer Reflects on Press Secretary Role and Biased Media

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently sat down with Joe Pags to discuss his reflections on the role of press secretary and his experiences under different administrations.

Spicer began by comparing the current White House press secretary, Karrine Jean-Pierre, to his own tenure, noting a stark difference in access to the president. He highlighted that Jean-Pierre lacks direct access to President Biden, unlike his experience of being closely involved with President Trump's interactions.

Reflecting on his time serving under President Trump, Spicer described the president as someone who was gracious with compliments but could also be assertive if crossed. He criticized what he perceives as the left's singular focus on attacking Trump, particularly emphasizing their fixation on Trump's legal issues.

Spicer also shared his views on biased media, drawing from his background in journalism. He expressed concerns about the polarization in media coverage and its impact on public perception.

Looking ahead to the upcoming elections, Spicer offered his predictions on potential outcomes, indicating his perspective on who might win.

For those interested in Spicer's full insights, listen to the full interview below.

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