The Internet Just Bought an 800-Year-Old Castle in France


The French castle about 200 miles away from Paris was built in the 13th century, captured twice by the English in the Middle Ages, sacked during the French Revolution, and partially burned down in 1932, the Guardian reports. 

Now the internet may have saved the Chateau de la Mothe-Chandeniers. According to the BBC, which has breathtaking drone video of the castle, thousands of people have donated at least $61 each to buy a future for it. 

The chateau has changed hands many times over the centuries. Most recently a math teacher tried—and failed—to restore it after purchasing it in 1981. As nature reclaimed the chateau and plants sprouted from its windows—giving it what Architectural Digest calls "a beautiful if not eerie aesthetic"—the math teacher mused about having it demolished.

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