Ron Burgundy Talks to the San Diego Chicken on His Podcast

The Ron Burgundy Podcast 2019

The Ron Burgundy Podcast 2019

For the final episode of the first season of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast," Ron Burgundy brought an iconic guest on the show: fellow San Diego native, The San Diego Chicken.

In case you're unfamiliar with the San Diego Chicken, the multi-colored bird is a famous sports mascot whose character originated from a San Diego radio station commercial. Over the last few decades, the chicken has attended multiple major sporting events, including San Diego Padres games, and more.

One more fact about the San Diego Chicken that you might now know is that he's very good friends with Ron Burgundy. While on the podcast, the two San Diego buddies talked about a few memories they both share (including Ron calling the SDC a turkey — the horror), while also talking about the origins of the San Diego Chicken, what it's like to be the San Diego Chicken, and more.

Towards the end of the episode, Burgundy put the San Diego Chicken through a speed round of questions, including his thoughts on climate change, the Philly Phanatic mascot, and what he wants his legacy to be. Check out what the chicken had to say on all of these topics below.

On his thoughts on climate change: "I care very deeply about the environment. After all, the sky might be falling."

On what he thinks of Philly Phanatic mascot: "He's all Philly, all the time. Yeah, look at his girth. But he's very enthusiastic about those Phillies."

On what he wants his legacy to be: "I'd like to think that, he was amusing to watch, enjoyable and help pass the time, added to the game, and you've gotta admire somebody who never had a real job for a living."

To wrap up the episode, and the first season of the podcast, Ron Burgundy had this to say to all of his fans: "To our listeners, we can't thank you enough. You have been wonderful, I think. I don't know, you might've been giving me the finger the whole time. But, I have a feeling you've really enjoyed the insight we've provided you, and we'll see you on the dark side of the moon, as they say."

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