Australian Heiress Charged For Having Sex 4 Times In 1 Day With 14-Year-old

Photo: Getty Images

An Australian heiress is facing charges of child sex abuse. Authorities in Sydney say that 45-year-old Savannah Daisley had sex with a 14-year-old boy four times in a single day.

According to the Mirror, Magistrate Jaqueline Milledge called the allegations against her "quite disturbing."

Daisley has denied the charges against her, and her lawyer, Pierre de Dassel, said they were made "in spite."

"There is motivation around the timing of it that really affects the credibility and strength of the case," he said, noting that it is an "oath vs. oath" case.

Prosecutor Daniel Richardson said while Daisley claims to have no recollection of the day because she was intoxicated, they have a recording of a conversation between Daisley and her underage victim in which she admitted to kissing him.

Richardson told the judge that he spoke to a police officer who listened to a recording of the phone call.

"His instruction to me was the phone call was quite damning to her," Richardson said. "The facts are that admissions were made that were captured on telephone intercept, and it is a quite serious matter."

Milledge denied Daisley's bond and ruled that she should be detained until her next court hearing in August.

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