'Occupy ICE': Maxine Waters calls for rage

That was Maxine "Robespierre" Waters calling for rage. Rage on people at home, rage on people at work, in public spaces… rage in the streets. To quote Robespierre - Mr "Reign of Terror" himself - "To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is cruelty." Sound familiar?

Can you imagine if someone from the Tea Party would have said what Maxine Waters said during the Obama administration? They would have been immediately branded a terror organization, rounded up and thrown in the Bastille.

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The cries for rage were heard this weekend as protests against ICE sprung up all over the country. An ICE facility in New York was actually forced to shut down after being laid sieged upon by a group called the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council. The same thing happened in Oregon after a protest by the Democratic Socialists of America forced the Portland ICE facility to shut down. Socialists and Anarchists are teaming up all over the country, using the immigration debate to kickstart the Occupy movement. "Occupy ICE" is but the latest version of a renewed season of rage.

On Saturday, a Texas Border Patrol agent suffered a broken ankle after defending a woman during one of these assaults on immigration facilities. Two hundred protesters from the League of United Latin American Citizens were bussed in to McAllen from all over Texas. The League is an open borders, free college, pro single payer healthcare advocacy group that gets their funding from George Soros' Open Society Institute.

So, we've got Socialists, Anarchists and billionaire Hungarians all after one thing: rage filled chaos.

So, we've got Socialists, Anarchists and billionaire Hungarians all after one thing: rage filled chaos. I knew this was coming back in 2014. I begged people to see what was happening. When the migrant caravans began descending on our border recently, I warned everyone that this was going to be used, by both the media and the Left, to bring forth chaos. It's happening right now and it's only going to get worse.

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