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Biden Regime: You’re Paying More for Gas to Save Democracy

BUCK: We’re gonna kick back, relax, and really just let an Independence Day weekend holiday vibe start to kick in here on Clay and Buck, because, first of all, it’s one of my favorite holidays. It’s a great holiday, celebrating the most amazing country in the history of the world, and one of the things I think will be a recurring theme today… Did I say, “One of the…”? The most amazing, I meant to say the most amazing country in the history of the world. I think that’s what I said.

One thing we could get into a little bit today is that while things are tough right now because the people in charge are making bad decisions — and I know the economy is rough, and I do think the economy’s gonna get rougher. So, I’m not sitting here telling you anything about how, “Oh, next week it’s all gonna turn around” or something like that, but here’s my basic thesis. I had thought… I had actually had the concern after Biden ascended to the presidency that this country would bounce back.

I underestimated the madness of the libs, which is hard ’cause I think they’re pretty nuts. But I thought the country would bounce back just because the end of the pandemic, everyone would realize it was all crap; it was all absurd. The lockdowns, the mandates, all this was totally worse than worthless because it had no upside benefit and tremendous downside, and that we would go into a period of economic rise and perhaps even something of a boom that would be attributed to the Biden administration.

And we’d be here saying, “They didn’t really do anything, but the American people got back to doing what they do, so now Biden’s taking credit for it.” That is not what has happened, as you know. Instead, Biden has managed — it’s almost impressive — to make everything worse. Everything he touches gets worse. Every issue where he has to make a decision, he makes the wrong one — or the people around him, however you want to see it.

And I’m gonna tell you, that’s gonna continue. That’s not gonna change. But when you think about what is coming here with the midterm elections that are probably gonna be a wipeout for the Democrats, just a total crushed Democrat Party after this — when you think about that — I do believe that we’re gonna start the beginning of that recovery from the depths of the most depressing parts of the pandemic. I think we’re gonna start sometime next year.

Republicans are gonna be able to put a governor on our government, if you will. They’re gonna be able to stand athwart the craziest ideas of the Biden administration and before you know it, we’re gonna be talking about a real change in leadership. So I just… I see positive, a positive future for the country. But that doesn’t mean we can lay off the accelerator right now by any stretch. We got a lot of fights ahead, got a lot of things to get into. With that, I will take it to the concerns that people are gonna be feeling this weekend where you have the Biden adviser, Brian Deese, for example, talking about gas prices.

Now, price of gas is really high. The Biden regime doesn’t have any good answers to turn this around. In fact, what they want to do would make things worse. Now they’ve taken to just saying out loud, “You’re paying a lot more money for your ground beef, for your corn on the cob, your gas, your propane, all that stuff — you’re paying more for all of this — because we gotta fight Putin, man! The world is literally at stake. That’s why you’re paying so much more,” and it’s just not true.

BUCK: I just want you to hear this. The Biden regime is really telling you — this is official spokesperson — that you’re paying more for gas to save democracy. These people are nuts, honestly. If they believe this. A lot of them it’s just going along with the talking points. But we have all of this economic frustration and pain that is growing with the rate of inflation, with the cost of food, with the supply chain disruptions. Never mind… I’m flying out tonight down to North Carolina, and I’m hoping I can actually get down there just ’cause the flight situation…

All of a sudden they say, “Eh, we’re just gonna cancel 400 flights.” The airlines don’t even care. They don’t seem to care. “Yeah, sorry, for ruining your long weekend plans. Stinks for you,” is basically their attitude. But all this stuff is going on and instead of having plans to fix it the Biden administration wants you to know, “This is the price you pay to save democracy. This is the price of protecting — you’re protecting our freedoms.” By paying high gas prices? I don’t think that really is the case. But Biden even said this yesterday as well.

BUCK: (impression) “As long as it takes, we’re gonna pay!Pay high gas price, no joke. As long, long as it takes. Sort of stare at you have vacant but squinty eyes, voice gonna go up, it’s gonna go down, read little sheet of paper that says sit down in the chair, stand up when you’re done speaking, don’t walk into a wall, try not to stumble. Very helpful. No joke.” So this is who’s in charge, folks, a guy who has a legacy, a history when it comes to job creation of only creating jobs for family members who want to get paid off by corrupt gas companies in Ukraine or Chinese hedge funds on behalf of the Chinese come to a stop.

The only jobs Biden knows how to create are for Hunter. And they’re not particularly useful jobs. So this is what we’re facing right now, a regime that is still just dealing with the consequences of their poor decision-making and the fact that they are ideologically so opposed to everything that could be done that would make things better. You speak to anybody who knows the energy industry — and I just spoke to a friend of mine yesterday, actually, who said he was talking to a guy who runs oil-drilling oil rigs, and he says, “Yeah…”

They’ll say, for example, “We have leases, thousands of leases,” you’ll hear that talking point, “for drilling, but you know that they actually have to get an additional permission to start actually drilling. So, you can have the lease… This would be like saying, “Why aren’t you doing fine living in your new house? You’ve already signed the lease! You’ve got a lease for the house.” I say, “Yeah, but you also have to give me some written permission for move-in day!”

So it’s not… The lease itself is not enough. You actually have to get, I think it’s the EPA — speaking of the EPA — to approve the drilling to find the oil on the land. You had to get approved for by the federal government with the lease in the first place. You want to know why this stuff doesn’t work as well and as seamlessly as it should? Just remember this too. The same environmentalist movement that is… For most of us, we’re saying the EPA decision’s good; it was the right decision. The EPA regulating CO2 from power plants is absurd.

CO2 is not a pollutant, you breathe out CO2, think about where the regulations could go given that reality. But for most of us it’s no big deal. For the libs it’s like, “Oh, my gosh! The planet’s gonna die.” They’re crazy, right? They have no actual connection to the reality that all the rest of us are living in, but this is like a religious belief for them, and so even though it’s very clear that needs to be done to make things better —

And even though their pseudo-eco, “I keep my carbon footprint small by driving a Tesla once a week instead of the three SUVs I have in the driveway…” By the way, I love SUVs. I’m just saying. Instead of actually accepting the reality, this is where we are. Clay, I sit here, and on the one hand, the Biden administration is not in a place, it seems, to change anything for the better, but I do think America’s waking up. So that’s my message of hope for the weekend for the Independence Day.

CLAY: I appreciate the message of hope. I’ve been sitting outside. I think a lot of people have already started their vacation weekend, and there was no one in the studio. So, Buck, while I was listening to your open, I also was outside the studio here and I accepted FedEx delivery packages for (laughing) the Panama City studio. So I am rolling into the weekend. I’m now back in the studio here. They let me in. But I am also cautiously optimistic as we head into July 4th weekend, although, Buck, I bet we’re not gonna get an update on the 16 cents that the Biden administration was bragging that they saved us last year? You remember that tweet?

BUCK: Mmm-hmm.

CLAY: Last year the Biden sent out for everybody getting ready for their Fourth of July cookouts. On this day one year ago the Biden White House — I was also looking at this as I was sitting outside — the Biden White House sent out this tweet bragging about the fact that they had saved you 16 cents on your 2021 cookout. I bet that they are not going to update it this year. I remember even talking about it. This is the tweet, by the way, Buck:

CLAY: That was cringeworthy last year, but to be in this position now? Oh, my goodness, that’s pretty crazy.

BUCK: You’re basically playing Kobe beef prices for those frozen patties they used to give you in the cafeteria. Do you remember what burgers cost? I just want to tell you — also on a message of hope — Clay, I don’t know what it was like for you. I went to this Catholic school growing up, and we would have hamburgers in the cafeteria. Do you remember what hamburgers looked like back in the late eighties and early nineties?

CLAY: Oh, yes. Yes.

BUCK: They were like these gray hockey pucks with some weird, look like craters on the moon on top of them.

CLAY: Yes. That’s actually really well describing the hamburgers of my elementary school and middle school life.

BUCK: This is the kind of stuff that you think you’d be served on some kind of a space colony on Mars, and this was standard hamburger. No wonder people — and I don’t want to upset Big Ketchup, ’cause maybe one day we’ll get sponsored.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: But people have always been like, “Oh, you gotta put ketchup on your burger.” If it’s a good burger, I think ketchup… We’re gonna have to throw down on some grill debates today, Clay.

CLAY: I’m a mustard guy. We got a sriracha shortage, and now there’s going to be potentially a mustard shortage. Have you heard about it? Some of the headlines that I see… Baby formula’s serious, but some of these shortage details that I see, I really can’t even… How could you run out of mustard? Like, how is that remotely possible that that could occur at all? Is mustard…? But we’re evidently gonna have a mustard shortage.

BUCK: I mean, basically you’re telling me that if I pull up alongside a guy in a Rolls-Royce and say, “Do you have any Grey Poupon,” he’s gonna look at me, like, “No, man, no Grey Poupon.”

CLAY: Actually, yes. Mustard is going to become a rich guy thing where you’re like evidently gonna have to run around and have big mustard battles. So enjoy it while you can, evidently, because the Biden administration’s even got us running out of mustard.

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