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Joe Pags Interviews Lunden Roberts on Relationship with Hunter Biden

In a compelling interview on "The Joe Pags Show," Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden's daughter, Navy, shared intimate details about her relationship with the President's son. Roberts, who has penned a tell-all book, recounted the highs and lows of their time together, offering a perspective that contrasts sharply with media portrayals.

Roberts revealed that she first met Hunter Biden in a setting where his charisma and intelligence stood out, yet she quickly noticed the signs of his troubled life. Despite his broken state, she found him to be funny, humble, and remarkably intelligent. She empathized with his struggles, forming a deep emotional connection.

The interview took a deeper dive into the personal aspects of their relationship. Roberts described the moment she informed Hunter of her pregnancy, a revelation that led to a significant drop in communication. She shared how her father had offered her a way out, yet she chose to remain hopeful about Hunter's involvement.

Roberts also discussed the media's portrayal of her, asserting that the real story is much more complex and chaotic than what has been reported. Her book aims to set the record straight, revealing the full extent of their rollercoaster relationship.

Joe Pags asked Roberts if she ever believed Hunter was "the one." She responded with a personal story that highlighted the moments when Hunter completely ignored their child, causing her immense pain. Roberts mentioned her fears of surveillance after discovering her pregnancy, adding another layer of intrigue to her narrative.

As the interview progressed, Roberts explained the current state of their co-parenting situation, providing insights into Hunter Biden's role in their daughter's life today.

To hear Lunden Roberts' full interview with Joe Pags, click the link below.

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