Weird News

U.S. Embassy Apologizes For Inadvertently Sending Out Cat Picture
Family Shocked When Phone Number On Popular Kids Toy Is For Sex Line
Man Strangled To Death After Shirt Got Caught In Escalator
Police Lure Runaway Pig Back Home Using Doritos
Georgia Police Searching for Vandal Who Put Googly Eyes on Statue
No One Can Tell If This Is A Woman's Back Or Her Neck
FDA Puts The Brakes On E-Viagra
Grandfather Kicked Off Flight After Exposing Himself And...
Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs to $654 Million
Giant Hammer Stolen From California Community Center
Father Tries To Kill Son With Chainsaw, Gets Run Over By Lawn Mower
Couple Creates Creepiest Maternity Photo Shoot Ever - And It's...


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